Issue date
13 December 2019

The Ministry for Women's gender pay gap data was not included in the State Services Commission's Public Service Workforce Data results, released today.

Due to its size, the Ministry's gender pay gap does not meet the threshold required to produce meaningful high level gender pay gap statistics as specified in the new Stats NZ guidelines for measuring organisational gender pay gaps.

The Ministry's gender pay gap as at 30 June 2019, was 1.1 percent in favour of men.  Last year the Ministry’s gender pay gap was 6 percent in favour of men. Changes in the Ministry’s staffing (even small changes) impact on its gender pay gap. Care should be taken with the interpretation of the figure.

The Ministry has a focus on diversity and inclusion. It monitors its human resources practices to understand how changes in roles with the Ministry impact on its gender pay gap. 

The Ministry and the State Services Commission are leading work to close the gender pay gap within the core public sector within this parliamentary term.  Read more on the gender pay gap here.