One of the most important steps to take before joining any board is to carry out due diligence – gathering vital business information about the organisation with the vacant board role.

It may help if you ask some questions – both of the board and of yourself – before deciding whether to accept a board position. Make a list of the questions you want answered to inform your decision.

This list is a guide only. You may want to add more questions specific to your own circumstances.

Questions for the board to answer:

  • What are the organisation’s roles, mission, and direction? 
  • Why do you want me on the board?
  • What skills or experience are needed for the role? 
  • Who else is on the board and what are their backgrounds? 
  • What is the reputation and track record of the organisation’s Chief Executive? 
  • What phase is the board in? 
  • What will my responsibilities be? 
  • Do you have a job description for the board members? 
  • How much time is required of a board member? 
  • What information or support will be available to assist me as a board member? 
  • May I review some recent meeting minutes?  
  • How financially viable is the organisation? 
  • Has there been any litigation or complaints involving the organisation and the board? 
  • Do the board have goals? Are those goals achievable? 

Questions for yourself:

  • What do I want out of this experience? 
  • Can I add value to this board? 
  • Do I consider this to be a supportive organisation? 
  • Can I hold this position with integrity and without unmanageable conflicts of interest? 
  • Can I commit the time and energy the position deserves? 

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