Are you seeking data to support your Mana Wāhine Kaupapa Inquiry research, but unsure of the process?

See our guide below which will step you through the process:

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1. Is the information you’re seeking publicly available?

You may find the data you are looking for here on the Manatū Wāhine website. This includes our section on Wāhine Māori and our Library (all research, corporate documents, and publications).

Click here to find publications related to Wāhine Māori.


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2. Contact our dedicated email address

Researchers can send data requests to our email You will receive an automatic email response to let you know we have received your request. 

The more specific your request is, the easier it will be to locate the data you need. 

When making your request with the team, consider the following:

  • Do you have a timeframe or deadline you are working to? If so, let us know.
  • Have you checked our website to see if the information is available in our library? 
  • Do you know what kind of documents you are looking for? For example: briefing papers, cabinet papers, or research reports.


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3. Determining the scope of your request

The Mana Wāhine Inquiry team at Manatū Wāhine will review your request and determine the scope. A member of the team will be in touch about your request and will be your main point of contact for any pātai you may have.


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4. Compiling the data

The team will engage with the agencies who are likely to hold the data you are seeking. We will let you know if we need more information and keep you updated on progress.


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5. Sign out and delivery

Once we have the data you have requested, it will go through a full review and sign out process. We will let you know if any content needs to be redacted.

Reasons for redaction may include privacy, confidentiality, or legal privilege.

It will then be provided to you and may be made publicly available on the Manatū Wāhine website.