The next phase for the Inquiry will focus on research that will form the basis of the evidence the Tribunal will consider in the substantive hearing phase of the Inquiry.

Research commissioned by the Waitangi Tribunal

The Tribunal has confirmed it will commission seven research projects: 

  • Overview Report 1: Focusing on the theme of protection and the impacts of Crown actions, policies, practice and legislation on the ability of wāhine Māori to exercise rangatiratanga over their role, status and knowledge from 1840 to 1950.
  • Overview Report 2: Focusing on the theme of equity and the impact of Crown policies, practices and legislation on disparities in outcomes and well-being for wāhine Māori from 1950 to c.2000.
  • Contemporary justice issues: As a case study regarding equity and disparities in outcomes and wellbeing for the period 1990 to 2018.
  • Representation and access to leadership opportunities for wāhine Māori: Examining the effects of Crown policies, practices and legislation on the ability of wāhine Māori to access leadership, governance, political and decision-making roles, particularly in the state sector.
  • Employment related issues: Focusing on the economic and financial impacts of Crown policies, practices and legislation on wāhine Māori.
  • Contemporary economic issues: Focusing on the impact of Crown policies, practices and legislation on wāhine Māori.
  • Takapou Whāriki: This project will gather important mātauranga held by wāhine Māori participating in the Mana Wāhine Kaupapa Inquiry on the concept of mana wāhine. Takapou Whāriki will comprise two distinct parts: a collection of audio-visual kōrero and a research report on the issues most pertinent and relevant the issues and perspectives raised by participants during the kōrero sessions.

Joint Research Committee (JRC)

Joint Research Committee Wai 2700

In 2020, a Joint Research Committee (JRC), comprised of representatives from the Mana Wāhine claimant community, claimant counsel, Crown counsel, Manatū Wāhine and Tribunal research staff, was formed to progress important areas of research on behalf of the claimants. 

The JRC has planned projects in six research areas:

  • Mana Wāhine definitional report: Standalone definitional report on mana wāhine which will set out an ao Māori view of mana wāhine and provide definitions for concepts essential to mana wāhine.
  • A Remedies report: Scoping the range of remedies being sought within the Inquiry.
  • Ngā Pou Hine reports:
    • Rangatiratanga: Focusing on the mana rangatiratanga of wāhine Māori and their leadership, exercise and denial of their authority and status in decision-making roles.
    • Whenua and Te Ao Tūroa: Focusing on how wāhine Māori have been treated in relation to the land and their physical and metaphysical connections to it.
    • Whakapapa and whānau: Focusing on the oranga and intergenerational well-being of wāhine Māori and their whānau.
    • Whai rawa: Focusing on the theme of ōhanga and the economy and wāhine Māori, enterprise and collective potential.

The Tendering and Evaluation Sub-Committee (TESCo) of the JRC invited researchers to apply to form research teams around one or more of the JRC’s Pou Hine Briefs in two Request for Tender (RFT) processes. The first closed in December 2022, and the second closed in March 2023. Research has commenced as of April 2023. 

As the reports are published, we will update our website to provide links to the reports.

Manatū Wāhine has also supported researchers with collating data and information held by the Ministry and other Crown agencies. This process has ensured there is a co-ordinated response from the Crown when working with researchers on behalf of the claimant community. 

If you have any pātai about this RFT process, email

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