Issue date
1 July 2019

Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter has launched Bringing Gender In, a new online tool to assist policy advisors explore the gender impacts of any policy as they move through the policy process.

Bringing Gender In is an online tool that prompts thinking with key questions. It provides examples of good practice and links to useful data sources and other relevant material.

Bringing Gender In helps consider issues for groups of women, and for men and people who identify as gender diverse” she said.

The Ministry for Women’s Bringing Gender In tool provides a simple, user-friendly means for discovering whether a policy has gender implications, as well as the means for carrying out analysis.

At the launch of the tool on Monday 1 July, Margaret Retter, Director Policy at the Ministry for Women, acknowledged the gender analysis in a Cabinet paper prepared by the Joint Venture Business Unit in the Ministry of Justice.

“The Ministry for Women carried out a survey of gender analysis in Cabinet papers between July 2018 and December 2018.  One of the Cabinet papers that particularly stood out to us established the joint venture to lead and coordinate a whole-of-government response to family violence and sexual violence.”

“This paper recognised that family violence and sexual violence are driven by gender inequities in society. It recognised that particular groups of women including Māori and Pacific women, young women, women on a low income, rainbow people, women in gang-involved families and women with disabilities are at a higher risk of experiencing family violence than other women, and are more likely to experience secondary victimisation when seeking help. And it noted that a strong gender analysis is a critical component of the Government’s response to family violence and sexual violence.”

“The Ministry for Women will continue to watch out for gender analysis in papers. If you have good policy or draft Cabinet papers that you want to show off, send them to us!”