In 2023, the national gender pay gap was 8.6 percent. Find out how the gender pay gap varies by occupation, industry, and other factors, to see how it impacts you.

Te āputa utu ā-ira

The gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is a high-level indicator of the difference between women's and men’s earnings. It compares the hourly earnings of women and men in full- and part-time work.

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He aha ka taea e te tangata takitahi?

What can individuals do?

We know it will take time before the gender pay gap will close. Meanwhile, there are some things that you can do to may help you to be paid fairly.

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He aha ngā mahi a ngā kaituku mahi?

What can employers do?

Pay gaps between women and men can vary between industries, occupations, and a range of other demographics. Employers play a vital role in closing pay gaps within their workplaces.
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He aha te mahi a te Kāwanatanga?

What is the government doing?

The government has been acting to reduce the gender pay gap for more than 60 years.
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